Heaven or Hell

Can anybody give me an answer why GOD had created this beautiful world, so that man can kill man, so what’s the difference between an animal and a human being, if a man can very well behave like an animal, there should be no separate category to distinguish them. A beautiful life is given to us, so that we cherish it, do good deeds, portray good thoughts and behave like human beings. It was said in holy books that there will be phases in life of world, when this world will witness hell itself. One can see it very clearly, there will be a phase when man will not respect manhood, he will go beyond his limit and think about himself, and even the relations would turn out to be blue in light. Can’t one see a live coverage of what’s written in holy books? The spirits of relations are somewhere dampen in the soil, people thrash others so badly that they are not even bothered to look down, at any cost of whose feelings u levitate.
The brutal act of humanity is bearing the brunt in form of wars and terrorist attacks, where people kill each other in such a way as if playing games with each other. Each day, each night,
The agony the pain, the vain, the sufferings. Why GOD did I take birth in this misery where I couldn’t savor this beautiful world. Were my deeds so bad, that I was born to see these,
Devastating sights all over, where living each day itself is a hell?
Please GOD I have a wish if I take a rebirth I would love to see ecstasy and not torment!!!


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