Jab we met..again

And we met one day 
you were surprised, i was shocked.. 
you smiled, i shrugged. 
“Long time” 
and a silence followed. 

Last time, your silence had broken me 
this time, you broke the silence. 
“I have to go, he would be waiting.” 
“Ah, sure. I hope we meet again… 
somehow, somewhere” 
We parted our ways again, 
but with a goodbye and smile, 
oh really? 

We could have talked, 
about our lives without each other, 
or rather about.. 
how you landed in this city again. 
or rather about.. 
old buddies and good old times. 

No, not really.. 
how can we become so casual, 
after all that had happened. 

But we could have said something else 
on weather, winds, sun, countries… 
Thousands of things 
people talk about 
when they have nothing 
to say to each other. 

But we went away, 
We were ashamed 
of surviving without each other 
for all these goddamn years


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